Soft Absorbant Luxury. You Deserve The Best!

These incredible Bath Sheets were commissioned for use in a 6 Star Hotel chain worldwide and made to the highest specification – long lasting yet soft and absorbant to impress even the fussiest important hotel guest or dignitary. These are not your average run of the mill “cheap towel”.

Made from ‘A’ class ultra premium grade AAA1/21S cotton. the Bath Sheets are 575m² in area and feature long loops, plain – no headers, but with diagonally sculptured salvage ends on the towels.

You cannot buy this quality of Bath Sheet in retail stores – outside of their commissioned consignee these are eSOLD exclusive.

This offer includes THREE Bath Sheets at a price that makes buying ordinary “retail quality” towels and bath sheets obsolete! Our “normal” price is just an indicator as there is NO RRP for these, we’re informed the chain is paying around $37 a piece for these.

NOTE: Because these towels have been packaged under high pressure for transport they will restore to their full fluffy style after first wash.


  • 90cm x 186cm 
  • 954 grams each 
  • 575m² 

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